ISBN: 9781419762048

Publication date: 12 May 2022

Author: Robbie Quinn

Fashion and wisdom from style rebels in New York City and beyondIn a world where stores, clothes, and trends have become increasingly standardized, fashion is one of the most powerful ways to explore and express our personalities, identities, and individuality. For years, photographer Robbie Quinn has come across style rebels and “streets unicorns” across the world, stopping them for impromptu photoshoots and testimonials. In these pages, he shares their images, viewpoints, and aspirations with the hopes of inspiring readers to rediscover the most authentic parts of themselves.A vibrant plea against ageism, racism, homophobia, and all other discriminations, this book is a love letter to those who aren’t afraid to stand out, embrace nonconformity, and share who they are with the world.