ISBN: 9781419761249

Publication date: 23 Nov 2023

Author: Seiji, Yoshida
For fans of Studio Ghibli, artist Seiji Yoshida’s fantastical art book is a perfect gift that transports readers to imaginary houses, each with their own story to tell.
A dreamer’s tree house.
A mechanic’s cottage.
A submerged city.
In Houses with a Story, more than 30 imaginative houses and the people who make them home offer unexpected worlds to wander through and explore. Who is the mischievous bridge-tower keeper? What does the witch grow in her garden? How does the postal worker tame his delivery dragons? In each house, readers discover the contents of rooms and closets, what’s at the top of the stairs, and where shadowy hallways lead. Story text provides background and details about the lives of the residents and hints about their past and future.
Featuring lush, full-color illustrations including diagrams, elevations, and sectional drawings, along with detailed descriptions of each character and their pets, the homes’ architecture, design, location, and landscapes open doors to whimsy, wonder, and endless possibilities.