ISBN: 9781419759451

Publication date: 20 Jul 2023

Author: Bernstein, Galia
A misfit pup faces his first competitive dog show in this heartwarming and hilarious picture book about family, friendship, and being yourself, from Galia Bernstein, the acclaimed author-illustrator of I Am a Cat.
Wodehouse Chili Pepper Pumpernickel the Third has an important family: His mother is the famous Mathilda Lily-Rose Daffodil, and his father is the celebrated Wodehouse Chili Pepper Pumpernickel the Second. It’s a family of champions, blue-ribbon winners, and Bests in Show galore, and all of them agree that one day, he will be the best of them all! After all, he IS a Pumpernickel-Daffodil.
But when he gets his own human, neither feels so sure that they’re blue-ribbon material, and they both wonder if they’ll be top dog at their first competition. . .
From acclaimed author-illustrator Galia Bernstein comes a charming and hilarious story that celebrates kindred spirits and forging your own path.