ISBN: 9781419758614

Publication date: 23 Nov 2023

Author: Franck, Stephan

More intense, suspenseful, and gothic than ever, the thrilling Russ Manning Award–nominated Silver saga from Stephan Franck—the supervising animator of Marvel Studio's What If . . . ?—concludes in Silver; Of Hunters and Prey, an epic finale complete with wry humor, compelling characters, and deep secrets.   "There may not be a better original vampire comic book in America than Silver." —ComicBookBin   Deep undercover in a castle full of vampires, charismatic conman James Finnigan and his motley group of grifters must stay one step ahead of the undead in order to steal the famed treasure called the Silver Dragon and live to tell the tale. Will the team crack under pressure? And has Sledge been honest about her involvement? As the last of the Van Helsings, slaying vampires is in her blood, and merely stealing from them may just not be enough.   Set in the noir-pulp era of the 1930s, Stephan Franck's Silver; Of Hunters and Prey is a rip-roaring, genre-bending graphic novel that draws on the best of gothic horror and heist tropes to tell a story that is pure adventure. Offering the captivating dynamics of an ensemble cast of misfits, while inviting us into a world where Bram Stoker's Dracula is more fact than fiction, Silver is a smart, innovative story complete with world-class visuals and sharply drawn characters that's equal parts action, humor, and heart.