ISBN: 9781419758478

Publication date: 23 Jun 2022

Author: Harry James Hanson

A tribute to the groundbreaking drag elders who helped pave the way for the queens of todayDrag has officially transcended the underground and exploded into the mainstream. Queens have more media representation than ever—in film, television, music, fashion, and advertising. They’re everywhere. But how did we get here? It didn’t simply happen through the popularity of one TV show, but over decades of perseverance, hard work, and intergenerational support within local drag communities. It’s time to honor the queens who paved the way for the new generation of drag and are still carrying out their work today. Legends of Drag is both a photo book and archive of living drag history. Presenting 80 portraits of these American drag elders alongside anecdotes from their lives, this book provides a queer historical framework with which to consider their work and its cultural contributions. Each portrait is styled with floral elements and has been shot in locations that hold special significance to the local drag community.