ISBN: 9781419753510

Publication date: 14 Apr 2022

Author: Grant Snider

A humorous, uplifting look at mindfulness, from beloved illustrator Grant Snider“Find a quiet spot away from all distraction / Listen to your breath / Watch your thoughts float past you / Forget the obligations of today / Try not to consider your eventual decay / Let yourself drift away / Arise, connected with the Earth / Awakened to the Universe.”“Mindfulness” is a buzzword bordering on the cliché, with books filling the shelves of any indie bookstore you step into. Although clichés remind us of the familiar and the commonplace, they take on new meaning and greater significance when presented in a fresh new way. In The Art of Living, cartoonist Grant Snider, author of The Shape of Ideas and I Will Judge You by Your Bookshelf, has created an all-new collection of one- and two-page comics that map his inner thoughts, poetic observations, and frequent failures at living mindfully. With both humor and a touch of reality, The Art of Living centers on mindfulness, but also empathy, relaxation, gratitude, and awareness—evergreen subjects that are more important and relevant now than ever. With a striking package that includes a die-cut cover, The Art of Living is an extension of the themes of Snider’s first two books—which explored the creative process and the love of reading—and is the perfect gift for those in a need of reflection, commiseration, hope, and a little extra self-care. Above all, Snider's cartoons will inspire and encourage a more thoughtful way of experiencing the world.