ISBN: 9781419751189

Publication date: 24 Jun 2021

Author: Myron Mixon

From Myron Mixon, a new book showing you can eat barbecue, lose weight, and be healthy if you know how to do it right What does the winningest man in barbecue, the best damn smoker in the world, know about living a healthy lifestyle? Well, after more than 30 years of winning contest after contest for his smoked hogs, beef, and chicken and traveling the country talking, cooking, and eating barbecue, bestselling barbecue cookbook author Myron Mixon has figured out a few things about how to combine what he loves to do with his desire to be healthy. And he's figured that out with Keto BBQ. It lets him live the barbecue lifestyle without getting fat or inching closer to death’s door in the process—and he's learned how to keep the weight off. Myron has lost more than 100 pounds and managed to not gain it back for over a year and a half while still doing what he likes. Here’s what he's found out: You can eat barbecue and still be healthy if you know how to do it right. And that’s what he's going to show people in this book. What he's going to talk about is a series of real—and real simple—changes you can make that allow you to continue enjoying barbecue and other southern foods but to do it in a healthier way.