ISBN: 9781419745942

Publication date: 16 Feb 2021

Author: Maxwell Nicoll, Matthew Smith

The hilarious, action-packed second installment in the Slamdown Town series Ollie and Tamiko saved Slamdown Town and wrestling is popular again! New fans and, more important, new wrestlers have flocked to the arena. The rise in popularity draws two infamous wrestlers back to the arena: The Krackle Kiddos, Linton Krackle’s son and daughter, are Slamdown Town tag-team champions. They’re big, they’re bold, and they’re beautiful. No one—not even The Referee and The Bolt—can stop them. Until Tamiko is transformed into Game Over—the combo-savvy wrestler with a flair for turning her opponents into a pile of pixels—that is. She and Big Chew team up to give the Krackle Kiddos a run for their money. Being tag-team partners with your best friend is awesome . . . but will their friendship survive long enough to take down the competition?