ISBN: 9781419743979

Publication date: 15 Sep 2020

Author: Kate Atherley, Kim McBrien Evans

A knitting sourcebook full of patterns and techniques for making shawls and wraps with ease Kate Atherley and Kim McBrien Evans aim to equip adventurous knitters with the skills to knit and create shawls and wraps of all shapes and sizes and to help them forge their own shawl-knitting paths. Tips and tutorials address the technical aspects of shawl knitting, from shaping to adapting stitch patterns to making color and fabric choices. A gallery of patterns using hand-dyed yarns provides knitters with inspiration for customizing and creating their own designs. More than a dozen patterns illustrate the featured knitting techniques. One-third of the patterns are aimed at beginning knitters, one-third teach intermediate knitters new skills for intriguing results, and one-third o?er creative instruction in customizing. The featured yarns are a mix: some luxury ?bers, some classics. Together, Atherley and McBrien Evans provide a 360-degree view of the shawl-creation process from designing to knitting