ISBN: 9781419743863

Publication date: 08 Jul 2021

Author: Genesis P-Orridge, Tim Mohr

A revealing memoir from a pioneering industrial musician and visual artist who inspired generations of outsiders, rebels, and risk-takers In a memoir spanning decades of artistic risk-taking, Genesis P-Orridge, the inventor of “industrial music,” founder of Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV, and world-renowned ?ne artist takes us on a journey through creativity and destruction, pleasure and pain. Genesis’s unwillingness to be stuck—in one place, in one genre, or in one gender—will be an inspiration to the newest generation of trailblazers and nonconformists. It’s for an audience that cannot and will not be ignored. Nonbinary has far-reaching potential because of Genesis’s remarkable body of work. It is full of great stories about Genesis’s experiences with icons like William S. Burroughs and Ian Curtis.