ISBN: 9781419742903

Publication date: 13 May 2021

Author: Ali Kriegsman

The inspiring story of how two female entrepreneurs turned a newsletter into a venture-backed start-up, and how you can, too! Filled with heart and humor, How to Build a Goddamn Empire shares the real-world, hard-earned business wisdom of one female entrepreneur who transformed an idea into a massive, category-disrupting national brand. With chapters ranging from “The Business You Start Isn’t the Business You’ll Run” to “Grow Slow, More Dough,” Ali Kriegsman demystifies the world of entrepreneurship. She also features words of wisdom from some of her fellow female founders who have built successful companies. By using the questions she’s most frequently asked as her guideposts, she offers insights into the nuts and bolts of running a company—discussing, among other things, pivots, pitching, PR, press, and VC—to give women the tools to take their ideas to the next level.