ISBN: 9781419742781

Publication date: 29 Sep 2020

Author: Jan Showers, India Hicks

A room-by-room journey through some of the most luxurious and glamorous homes in America Dallas-based interior designer Jan Showers returns to the concept ?rst introduced in her bestselling book, Glamorous Rooms. Jan takes the reader through luxurious private residences across the United States room by room. This book invites readers into 20 never-before-photographed homes, in some of America’s most idyllic locales, including a glamorous New York apartment, a London townhouse in Belgravia, an architecturally signi?cant house in Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, a historic residence in Austin, a country estate, a stunning home on Bu?alo Bayou in Houston, a duplex apartment at The Mansion Residence in Dallas, and many more.