ISBN: 9781419742071

Publication date: 08 Dec 2022

Author: Nora Ericson

A gentle, cozy story following a family’s bleary-eyed wake-up routine, a little one who’s eager to start the day, and the quiet magic of early morningsI wake up very early.Good morning, Sun, on your way at last. You don’t wake up nearly as early as I do. Now the wind is waking.Tickle tickle on my cheeks,rustle rustle through the leaves. Birds untuck and start to coo,Whooo whooo, you wake up too early, yes you doooo . . . In sweet, melodic verse written from the perspective of the earliest riser, Too Early follows a family's morning routine, exploring both the groggy haze and the everyday magic inherent in the predawn hours of a loving household.