ISBN: 9781419725166

Publication date: 11 Apr 2017

Author: Jean-Baptiste Leroux, Mic Chamblas-Ploton
The beauty of Monaco—Colette called it “a country whose borders are made of flowers”—is revealed as never before in this new book from French photographer Jean-Baptiste Leroux. Leroux focuses his lens not on the usual tourist attractions, but rather on the passage of time. As an artist fascinated by light, Leroux visited the same landscapes over and over at different hours of the day and night, capturing the subtle, shifting colors of the city: skies, waves, belle epoque mansions, the Casino, the Monte Carlo harbor, parks, and more. From dawn to dusk, in all seasons, these delicate images reveal Monaco’s natural and architectural beauty. In her accompanying text, Mic Chamblas-Ploton explores the history of the Monegasque landscape.