ISBN: 9781419722189

Publication date: 13 Sep 2016

Author: Laura Olin

Have you ever wanted to tell someone you’ve been desperately in love with them for years, or that you hate the sound of their voice, or that you’re really, really, REALLY sorry you threw up on them last night when you were drunk? Form Letters not only offers you a way to do so but also makes it simple and irresistible. These letters let you privately reflect on all the things you wish you’d said. Or, you can cut the letters out and send them to their intended recipients. Either way, Form Letters offers cathartic, hilarious and much-needed moments of self-reflection. From a letter to God to a letter to that person who always leaves the dishes in the sink, Laura Olin brings her wit and intelligence to every situation, making the letters a joy to read, fill in, or send to others.