ISBN: 9781419719196

Publication date: 02 Feb 2016

Author: Robie Rogge, Dian Smith

Do you remember the last time you worried needlessly? The next time you start ruminating, pick up a pencil and follow these steps: (1) Jot down what’s on your mind.

(2) List a few things that you can do to address your worries. If the situation is truly out of your control, it can be a relief just to acknowledge it.

(3) Later, look back your worries and evaluate them in hindsight.
Each page has two tear-off tabs so that you can “tag” the subject as “Worth My Worry” or “NOT Worth My Worry.” You'll be shocked to see how often things aren't as worry-worthy as they seem. No Worries is also filled with inspiring quotes and ideas about conquering worries, all set in a bold and empowering design. The package is uplifting, giftable, and holds the promise of lightening your load. Worrying comes naturally to journaling as a topic, but this journal offers a way to redirect your thinking and move on to a more positive place.