ISBN: 9781419718823

Publication date: 03 Jun 2016

Author: Chris Schweizer

In this second installment of The Creeps, something is once again amiss in Pumpkins County. Well, two things are amiss, actually. Rosario has become the town laughingstock overnight when a video of her singing her favourite corny showtune is leaked and then Jarvis is attacked by an invisible monster! Through Mitchell's extensive monster expertise, the gang is able to identify the culprit: a Troll. Unfortunately, Trolls travel in packs. They hibernate together, and they feast on humans together. The tastiest type of human? One who has been marinating in their own stress hormones.
While the Creeps investigate the Trolls, Pumpkins County slowly devolves into chaos as all communication technology breaks down. The only remaining website, the town's gossip site, spews out non-stop misinformation and alarmist messages. The town's stress levels are rising off the charts, and it's up to the Creeps to stop the Trolls from feasting, and, in the process, they might just save Rosario's reputation as well.