ISBN: 9781419703751

Publication date: 01 Mar 2012

Author: Laurent De Brunhoff

The perfect companion to Babar's ABC and Babar's Counting Book! Twenty years after its original publication, and on the heels of the best-selling Babar's Museum of Art, Babar's Book of Color remains a fresh and fun introduction to exploring the world of color. A visit to Babar's art studio turns into an adventure in colors and their combinations for Pom, Flora, Alexander, and Isabelle. Not only do they each adopt a favorite color, but they discover the joys of mixing two colors together to make a third. Before they know it, they're painting tan camels, pink flamingoes, blue whales and, of course, gray elephants! Babar's Book of Color will encourage a new generation of young children to find the color in their own lives.