ISBN: 9781419700798

Publication date: 01 Dec 2011

Author: Annick Schnitzler, Florian Möllers, Staffan Widstrand

For more than a year, 69 of the world’s best nature photographers traveled to all corners of Europe to capture the incredibly rich natural heritage of the continent. They have created more than 200,000 images of nature, some of which were published in the popular Wild Wonders of Europe. Now, Trees and Forests: Wild Wonders of Europe reveals even more of these stunning photographs, while paying tribute to the multihued beauty of trees. From minute arboreal details to panoramas of epic proportions, the book explores the immense diversity of Europe’s forests. Organized by climate, each chapter surveys a different habitat and its resident trees, moving from the sunny woodlands of the Mediterranean, to the frostbitten Alpine terrain, and everywhere in between.