ISBN: 9781419700569

Publication date: 01 Oct 2011

Author: Laurent De Brunhoff

BABAR CLASSICS - NOW AVAILABLE AGAIN! Babar continues to be one of the best-loved children's book characters ever created, selling millions of copies worldwide. Beginning in Spring 2001, Abrams will start reissuing all of Laurent de Brunhoff's classic Babar stories in handsome new hardcover editions. Parents, grandparents, and teachers alike can now introduce Babar and his kingdom to a whole new generation! Babar and Celeste have a new little girl! Isabelle is playful, spunky, and curious - maybe a bit too curious. One day she wanders off to look for Boover and Picardee, friends of the family who live nearby. The three have a lovely day, playing, singing, and snacking. But back at home, everyone is in a panic - Isabelle is lost! A warm and humorous adventure that reminds young children not to run off on their own, Babar's Little Girl is a charming addition to every Babar collection.