ISBN: 9780865654563

Publication date: 12 May 2023

Author: Mattéoli, Francisca
Francisca Mattéoli’s Copacabana Palace: Where Rio Starts celebrates 100 years and explores the stories behind this iconic, glamorous Brazilian beachfront hotel—its cinematic views, star-studded guests, legendary parties, and Carnival chic.
This sumptuous book tells the legendary story of the Copacabana Palace Hotel, from its extraordinary beginnings to the contemporary and stylish destination that it is today. Themed chapters and exquisite photography explore how the hotel has been a part of Rio de Janeiro life for 100 years—from its opening in 1923, when there were few other buildings in the area, to the golden age of Hollywood glamour, the extraordinary free concert on Copacabana Beach given by the Rolling Stones in 2006 (with more than 1.5 million people attending), and beyond.
Affectionately dubbed “the Copa” by cariocas (locals) and guests alike, the hotel is famous for events such as the Carnival balls in February and the celebrations on New Year’s Eve, when everyone flocks to Copacabana Beach. Events and stories such as these are featured in this stylish book, which also includes specially commissioned photography by Tuca Reinés as well as by Gleeson Paulino and Pia Riverola that reveals the hotel’s stunning cinematic views, magnificent design, and extraordinary guests. Capturing the magic of one of the world’s most fabulous destinations, this book is a story of people and a culture—of both old-world elegance and contemporary flamboyance.
Includes new color photography and vintage black-and-white photographs