ISBN: 9780865654242

Publication date: 19 Oct 2023

Author: Martin, J.J.
Embrace female empowerment with J.J. Martin, founder of world-renowned Milanese lifestyle brand La DoubleJ, in the ultimate insider’s guide to Italy and her magic, Mamma Milano.

Each copy is bound in one of three LaDoubleJ fabrics. Orders will be fulfilled with one of the fabrics available, selected at random.

“La DoubleJ is probably the only fashion company whose founder is also its in-house guru. Her company is growing at an increasingly fast pace, as is the community of women surrounding the label with a supportive ‘feminine energy.’” —Vogue Runway, January 2020

After moving from Manhattan to Milan 20 years ago, with no job, no friends, and no patience for the Italian way of life, J.J. Martin realized she had no option but to surrender to the vibrant but slow-paced lifestyle. In so doing, she discovered more joy (and success) than she could ever have imagined.

In this uplifting volume, Martin invites us to jump on board and join her on her journey—an outsider’s evolution through life, love, loss, creativity, and magic—to today’s beloved “Milano.” Dive into the delights of Italian fashion, food, and good living; meet some of Italy’s leading female tastemakers (the “La DoubleJ Babes”); tap into Martin’s spiritual secrets for unleashing inner creativity and wisdom; and more—all with a dash of LaDoubleJ vintage chic and oodles of Italian style. This feel-good book is a celebration and a creation story—both of a brand and of becoming your own woman, the Italian way.