ISBN: 9780865654112

Publication date: 20 Oct 2022

Author: Smith, Clinton
From the author of the acclaimed Second Bloom comes Cathy B. Graham: Full Bloom, a follow-up foray into the designer’s creative world, showing a rainbow of new floral arrangements and decorative creations for the tabletop. Foreword by Christopher Spitzmiller.

Welcome to Cathy B. Graham’s floral world. In her second book, published in a beautiful slipcase, the acclaimed artist, host, and gardener presents a new series of floral creations. With her uniquely whimsical style and artful touch, Graham conjures a variety of colorful designs for the table, home, and party. Brilliant bouquets are paired with Graham’s own watercolor artwork, and step-by-step guides to creating delightful table settings and floral designs will inspire readers to develop their own creations.

Graham creates a wide range of table settings for occasions ranging from a simple lunch to a festive dinner party. These elaborate arrangements are accompanied by useful sidebars (on everything from painted pots to DIY faux trees) perfect for readers eager to entertain. Drawing from her art background, Graham also presents a variety of collages, which showcase her creative ingenuity and provide helpful information on flower style, species, and arrangement.

Beautiful and useful, the book provides a bevy of inspiration as well as accessible takeaways. Beginner floral arrangers and seasoned hosts alike will delight in her unconventional arrangements, expert tips, and informative guides, all sure to make any home more colorful.

Includes color illustrations