ISBN: 9780865653542

Publication date: 06 Sep 2018

Author: Murphy, Nora
In Nora Murphy’s Country House Style, you will discover how to make your home a country house, a place where everyone is always welcome, where comfort is always in style, where there’s always room for our favorite things, where there’s always a reason to celebrate, and where home extends well beyond our walls.

Nora Murphy has turned her passion for country house style and its embodiment—her own home in Newtown, Connecticut—into a multimedia juggernaut. Her blog, website, e-magazine, strong presence on social media, and increasing visibility in print media and on TV have earned her a devoted following all over the country. Now she has distilled the essence of her knowledge about country house style and how to achieve it in this irresistible volume.

The first part of the book lays out the universal elements of the style; the second reveals how she has incorporated these elements into her own home; and the third shows how the elements of this comfortable, comforting, easy aesthetic and approach to life can be applied in different ways and in different locations to striking, individual effect. Five homes, each of which expresses a unique take on the style, are featured.

Part primer, part wish book, Nora Murphy’s Country House Style is all inspiration.

“If you are a fan of an edited, nature-based country style, you will absolutely find a kindred soul in the pages of this book.” ―A Nest for All Seasons