ISBN: 9780853726173

Publication date: 01 Aug 1993

Author: G W O Woodward

A fascinating guide to the English Reformation and its consequences.In April 1536, in the 27th year of the reign of King Henry VIII, there were scattered throughout England and Wales more than 800 monasteries, nunneries and friaries, and within them 10,000 monks, canons, nuns and friars. By April 1540 there were none. The major social and religious upheaval of these four years is what we call the Dissolution of the Monasteries.An absorbing look at a pivotal point of British history, this new edition of a classic text expertly pairs the seminal text of G.W. O. Woodward with a fresh modern cover that encapsulates the drama of the period.Look out for more Pitkin Guides on the very best of British history, heritage and travel.