ISBN: 9780811877886

Publication date: 16 Mar 2011

Author: Tamar Daniel

Be a fashion designer and create the wardrobe of your dreams The Fashion Sketchpad: This fashion book tool was especially created for aspiring fashion designers who love to sketch clothes but don't have the skills (or the patience!) to draw proportional figures. The Fashion Sketchpad is filled with 420 figure templates or croquis in 20 different fashion-forward poses.

Croquis - It rhymes with hokey": A croquis is every fashion designer's secret weapon, and it can be yours with The Fashion Sketchpad. Designers, both aspiring and established, sketch over croquis figures to ensure their creations are proportional on the first try. Working with a croquis provides a rapid-fire way to present your ideas to colleagues, admissions committees, or potential employers in a polished, professional format.

The ultimate fashion book tool: Printed in a specially formulated Pantone color, the figures disappear from view when photocopied or scanned, eliminating the need to fuss with light boxes or tracing paper. An illustrated garment glossary showing the distinguishing details between a caftan, a sheath, a maxi, and so on - plus additional resources - help fashion rookies create the wardrobes of their dreams.

If you're a fan of The Curated Closet or Aimee Song's Capture Your Style, you'll love The Fashion Sketchpad.

Happy designing! We can't wait to see what you come up with.