ISBN: 9780750964982

Publication date: 07 Sep 2015

Author: Paul Menzies

The vibrant and cosmopolitan city of Middlesbrough has a rich heritage which is uniquely reflected in this fascinating new compilation. Contrasting a selection of ninety archive images alongside full-colour modern photographs, this unique book captures how the city used to be and how it looks today. Accompanied by informative captions, each page captures life in the area as it once was – and is now. Featuring streets and buildings, shops and businesses, and the people of Middlesbrough, all aspects of life in the city are covered, providing a fascinating insight into the changing face of the city. As well as delighting the many tourists who visit the city, Middlesbrough Then & Now will provide present occupants with a glimpse of how the city used to look, in addition to awakening nostalgic memories for those who used to live or work here.