ISBN: 9780735381704

Publication date: 25 Jan 2024

Author: Mudpuppy

TUMMY BOOK - The Vehicles My Tummy Board Book by Mudpuppy is a fold out accordion bound book that can stand upright on a playmat, perfect for engaging baby during tummy time sessions. With a focus on transportation artwork, this tummy time is a perfect book to your baby's developing head and vision!

BRIGHT AND BOLD ARTWORK – The Vehicles My Tummy Book Is an accordion style book, with one side in bold full color and the other in high contrast black and white, which is eye-catching for a baby's developing vision. The book also includes a baby safe mirror as well, so little ones can delight at their own reflection.

PERFECT FOR GIFTING – This Vehicles My Tummy Book makes a great gift because it encourages children to explore and appreciate the world of transportation from a young age. The book is designed to be used during tummy time, which is an important developmental activity for babies. As they explore the pages of the book, they will be exposed to different vehicles like cars and planes, helping to foster curiosity about the world around them. The book is also a great way to bond with your child and spend quality time together!

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