ISBN: 9780735380134

Publication date: 31 Aug 2023

Author: Brass Monkey
This vintage-inspired tear-off notepad set by Brass Monkey features two separate pads–each with its own special purpose. For example, use the grey one to keep track of your upcoming week–noting all your appointments, meetings, and other notable accomplishments (like arriving to work less than 15 minutes late). You can save the green one for ranking the importance of those daily ‘time-sensitive' to-dos. That lunch order will outrank the year-end sales report every time. • Includes two individual notepads–each with a specific ‘purpose.' • Each pad features 100 pages. • All pads are attached to the larger backer board, so you don't lose them–but you can take them off if you want. • The overall set measures 11.25" x 5" x .3" deep (285mm x 127mm x 8mm). • From left to right, the pads measure: Pad 1 - 9" x 5" (228mm x 127mm) Pad 2 - 2.25" x 5" (57mm x 127mm)