ISBN: 9780713484076

Publication date: 31 Aug 1998

Author: Phillip Glasier

The 4,000-year-old sport of falconry, once the pastime of royalty and aristocracy, is still thriving with clubs throughout the UK and the US. Phillip Glasier's book is a classic text on the subject and considered the definitive guide for falconers. It covers all aspects of falconry from its history and development to training, housing, tools, equipment and skills. There are chapters on: Handling the new arrival • Condition • Manning and early training • Flying free and getting fit • Flying falcons out of the hood • Flying shortwings • Game Hawking • Moulting • Lost Hawks • Hack and Hacking back • Dogs for Hawking • Making hoods, belts, bags and gloves"Glasier" also gives complete details of all the birds most commonly used, and reveals their character and individual temperaments in his own case histories. With every technique explained through step-by-step instructions and ilustrated with over 170 photographs and diagrams, "Falconry and Hawking" is an essential reference for falconers throughout the world.