ISBN: 0810073340534

Publication date: 28 Oct 2021

Author: Ridley's Games

A category-based party game for 2 teams. A player lists clues to their team mates, who must try and guess what is written on the card. Each card is worth 10 points, but every time you list you lose a point! If the card says 'Things that you bake'. The player giving clues can state the category only, in this case 'Food', they have 60 seconds to describe what is written on the card without saying any of the words used on the card. So they could say 'cake', 'pie', 'cookies'. Packaged in a 2-piece box with a cardboard insert.
Game includes:
200 x Cards
1 x Timer
1 x Score slider
1 x Score Pad & Pencil
1 × Instruction Sheet