ISBN: 0810073341845

Publication date: 07 Jul 2022

Unleash your unlimited imagination with limited blocks in Disney Pixelate, the pixel art game from Ridley's Games!

Test your imagination and creativity by using colourful wooden blocks to create pixel art of your favourite Disney and Disney/Pixar characters. But will anyone be able to guess what you've built? You only have 90 seconds, and the better you do, the fewer blocks you have to work with, until you're hilariously trying to make The Genie's Lamp with only 4 pixels!

After all three rounds have been played, the person with the most pixel cubes on their score card wins!

Perfect for Disney and Pixar fans and the whole family, it's suitable for ages 8+, 2 to 8 players and has an average 30 minute gameplay.

English only