ISBN: 0810073341685

Publication date: 21 Jul 2022

Get a 'pizza' the action with Grab A Slice from Ridley's Games!

In this supreme pizza game with all the tasty toppings, try to win points by rolling the dice to match the good type of toppings on a pizza card. Start by grabbing a slice card that could come in handy later! Then, roll as many times as you like to try to win a pizza card, hopefully rolling enough of the good ingredients pictured in order to win it! But other players may challenge you for that pizza card! And if you roll too many of the bad ingredients listed, you'll go bust for that turn! But beware, at the end of the game, the leading player rolls a die one final time to select a topping— the player who grabbed the slice with that topping at the start of the game gets bonus points, and could potentially come out in the lead! The player with the most points wins the game as the ultimate pizza aficiona-dough!

Freshly delivered in a pizza style box, it's perfect for pizza lovers or anyone who loves a cheesy party game. With gameplay for both small and large groups, it's suitable for ages 8+, 2-6 players and has an average 30 minute gameplay. Printed on FSC paper using vegetable inks.