ISBN: 9781419740244

Publication date: 22 Dec 2022

Author: Shannon Dittemore

Mad Max: Fury Road meets Frozen in this striking YA fantasy about a rig driver’s journey to save her friend—now in paperback Twice-orphaned Sylvi has chipped out a niche for herself on Layce, an island cursed by eternal winter. Alone in her rig, she trucks over the frozen mountains and perilous icy passes that the boldest men fear to cross, and she takes comfort from two things: the safety that solitude offers and the favor of Winter. Sylvi likes the road, where no one asks who her parents were, or what she thinks of the rumors of rebels in the north, or what she wants from her life. But when her best friend, Lenore, runs off with the rebels, Sylvi finds herself making a haul too late in the season for a smuggler who she never would’ve done business with under normal circumstances—the infamous Mars Desden. Alongside Desden's team—Hyla, a giant warrior woman, and Kyn, a boy with skin like stone—Sylvi will do whatever it takes to save her friend. But when the time comes, Sylvi will have to choose: safety, anonymity, and the favor of Winter—or the future of the island that she calls home?