ISBN: 0810073341791

Publication date: 04 Aug 2022

Author: Ridley's Games

Test your marksmanship in this hotshot card throwing game: Star Wars The Mandalorian Precious Cargo from Ridley's Games!

In this fast-paced game, aim for your faction, build your forces and claim Grogu! Players split into two teams -- The Mandalorian vs. the Galactic Empire -- and each take a character disc that matches their allegiance. After placing Grogu in the centre of the table with 15 Ally cards spread a good distance around it, each player then takes it in turn to throw their character disc to land on and win Ally cards! The aim is to collect enough points to then aim for and land on Grogu, with the first player to do so being the winner.

A quick to learn and easy to play game that's perfect for The Mandalorian fans, it comes in a Mandalorian helmet case and is suitable for ages 8+, 2-6 players and has an average gameplay of 10 minutes.