ISBN: 0810073341654

Publication date: 04 Aug 2022

Author: Ridley's Games

It's time for the rap battle to commence with Versus Verses from Ridley's Games!

Get your mics at the ready in this rap battle card game where two teams compete to create the ultimate "madlib" rap song! After splitting into two teams - The East Side and The West Side -- and generating your MC name with a Rap Title card, one team picks one of their New Demo cards and makes up a verse that follows the prompt, like "must include a place". Then, teams compete back and forth, freestyling to add a rhyming line! But watch out -- the slicker you are with your rhymes, the harder it gets! When a team loses a round, they get to serve the winning team one of their New Demo cards with a rule they must follow for the rest of the game that will make it even trickier! Only through adversity can your group become triumphant, and the first team to collect four New Demo cards are the rap battle champions!

Perfect for rap enthusiasts or lovers of improv-style games, it's suitable for ages 8+, 2-8 players, and has an average 15 minute gameplay.