ISBN: 9781849948555

Publication date: 16 Feb 2023

Author: Ukraïner

Inside Ukraine is a compelling visual portrait of the real Ukraine, lovingly put together by Ukrainians in the years leading up to the current war.

The product of five years and 100,000km of travel around the country by the volunteers of Ukraïner, an organisation that aims to explain Ukraine to its inhabitants and promote it to the wider world, this unique book is a beautiful celebration of the land and its people. It captures the true variety of this vast country, the second largest in Europe, from picturesque forest villages to large urban housing projects, stunning mountain and estuarine scenery to industrial quarries and medieval fortresses.

It introduces the people of Ukraine and their stories, with a huge cast of characters including traditional carol singers, wild honey farmers, potters and railwaymen, artists and sheep-breeders and broom-makers. The natural world is represented too, with its populations of wild pelicans, roaming herds of buffaloes and the charming inhabitants of a bear sanctuary.

Also included are a wealth of QR codes that can be scanned to unlock longer articles on the Ukraïner website, along with more images and videos, giving a whole new dimension to the book.

With over 350 evocative images accompanied by illuminating text, this book will educate, surprise and enchant you, providing a fascinating insight into the side of Ukraine we don't often see.