ISBN: 9781849947855

Publication date: 08 Jun 2023

Author: Maggie Magoo Designs

An outstanding colouring book of decorative letters from the hugely popular Maggie Magoo design house.

This beautiful book contains two different illustrations of each letter from the alphabet, plus two different sets of numbers (0 to 9) and useful ampersands. Beautiful floral illustrations, with tiny minibeasts roaming around, embellish these initials and bring them to life. They are itching for a touch of colour and are ideal for any colouring-in fan looking for new, high-quality illustrations. Once coloured they can be framed to make great prints for bedrooms, kitchens, playrooms and nurseries. Whether you want to colour to indulge your creativity or relax with this perfect mindful activity, grab your pencils and pens and choose a letter than means something to you.