ISBN: 9781797216553

Publication date: 24 Nov 2022

Author: Ali Solomon

There is no city quite like New York City, for better or worse. I LOVE(ISH) NEW YORK is a hilarious relatable collection of essays, illustrations, and cartoons about the always interesting, sometimes frustrating, and endlessly entertaining quirks of living in the Big Apple. Despite the notorious six-floor walk-ups and unrequited love found in all the wrong dive bars, the city’s unique charm and irresistible allure keeps millions of residents—and starry-eyed millions more on their way—walking fast and talking faster in this urban paradise. NEW YORKER magazine contributor Ali Solomon offers an absurdist’s eye and a satirist’s pen, crafting a love letter to the greatest (or great-ish?) city in the world. I LOVE(ISH) NEW YORK is the perfect gift for anyone who lives, left, loved, or dreamed of living in New York City.