ISBN: 9781468316872

Publication date: 28 May 2019

Author: Lynn Visson

Among the splendors of tsarist Russia, from art and architecture to literature and music, resides its cuisine—an art in its own right that has delighted and nourished all levels of society for hundreds of years. Based on favorite family recipes passed down through generations, collected by the author from the private collections of the old Russian émigré community of New York City, The Russian Heritage Cookbook represents the achievements of an entire culinary heritage—one which previously existed only in the memories of the cooks themselves, or written on yellowing scraps of paper. Now available in paperback, The Russian Heritage Cookbook brings together hundreds of recipes for classic dishes, making it the essential cookbook for Russians and non-Russians alike. Lynn Visson covers everything from elegant zakuski and flavorful pirogs to refreshing drinks and delectable desserts, and includes sample menus ranging from High Tea to an Easter buffet, showcasing the sumptuous meals that have delighted generations. From borscht and bliny to beef stroganoff and black bread charlotka—and multiple versions of flavored vodka, of course—these authentic recipes, accompanied by useful introductions, provide the perfect overview of the best Russian cuisine.