ISBN: 9781642464627

Publication date: 18 Jan 2024

Author: Em & Friends

Like those teenage diaries with a lock (in spirit, anyway), this “true confessions” style guided journal with prompts offers a private place for you to write down all your burning-est secrets, dreams, regrets, mistakes, fantasy do-overs—then give yourself some grace and close the cover. (And maybe “accidentally” throw this journal into a fire—totally your call.)

  • A light-hearted AND deep solution to the age-old Q: What do you do with a problem?
  • Cheaper and more fun than therapy, but also legitimately therapeutic!
  • Helps alchemize shame, anxiety & looping thoughts into a bunch of beautiful oops!
  • 5 x 7.5 inches; 112 pages; elastic band & fancy foil stamping!