ISBN: 9782067262676

Publication date: 11 Apr 2024

Author: Michelin
The Camping Car Europe will help you find all the best spots for your camping car holiday in 25 European countries. Camping Car Europe is your perfect travel companion to explore Europe in a Camper and includes 75 suggested itineraries and is packed with practical information on where to stay, what to do as well as information on road regulations in each countries.

Camping Car Europe features for each itinerary a presentation of the the country, tourist and leisure activities as well as practical mapping and addresses with service areas, camping and leisure facilities.

Camping Car Europe features

For each itinerary, you will find
- A presentation of each country, climate and cultural heritage
- A presentation of suggested itineraries, tourist & leisure activities
- A map for your itinerary and the different stops
- Practical addresses with service areas, camping, leisure facilities, etc.
- Advices from the Michelin Man for an easy drive around Europe

The guide is mainly in French, but symbols and how to use the guide are also explained in English.

Please note that the introductions are in English but the main body of the guide is in French.