ISBN: 9782067192980

Publication date: 01 Nov 2021

Michelin's France Road Atlas A4 is the perfect companion for safe and enjoyable drive in France. Convenient and easy to use thanks to the spiral bound cover, Michelin France Atlas will provide you with precise and reliable information with its updated mapping scaled 1/200 000 (1 cm = 2 km). Smart and practical, this atlas includes tourist sights, leisure facilities and scenic routes recommended in the famous Michelin Green Guide as well 40 embedded city plans plus 16 with QR codes for easy access to your smartphone for online mapping and tourist information!

Michelin's checklist will help you prepare your journey before your leave and Michelin's safety alerts will warn you about dangerous driving areas, such as steep hills and level crossing. Michelin's route planner as well as the time and distance charts will help you plan and optimise your journey. Michelin's France road atlas will make sure that you make the most of your journey in France!

Michelin's France tourist and motorist atlas (A4 spiral) features:

* Scale 1/200 000
* Spiral bound for lay-flat convenience.
* Time & distance charts
* Route planner with major itineraries
* Tourist sights and scenic drives pulled directly from Michelin's famous Green Guide travel series using the embedded QR codes.
* Extensive place name index for rapid look-up
* Location map on top of each page for an easier navigation within the atlas
* 40 City maps embedded in the map of their surrounding areas with QR code to guide you through the last few miles of your journey with your smartphone plus 16 QR codes for city plans on your phone