ISBN: 9781915569516

Publication date: 06 Jun 2024

Author: Cotton, Katie
A great rhyming read-aloud story with a twist: it never ends!

One day, a monkey is happily eating a banana when he sees a tiger. Off he runs through the forest, dodging perils until he reaches safety at the end of the book by running up a tree. That's when the fun really starts... as readers can then turn the book upside down and watch Monkey swinging through the trees back through the book, chasing a lizard (and narrowly avoiding a hungry snake), before going back down a tree on page 1 to take us back to the beginning again. This funny, rhyming cat-and-mouse tale has an innovative twist - turn the book upside down to see the story continue!

- Two stories in one book - turn the book upside down when you get to the end to discover another story
- A never-ending reading experience that will keep kids coming back again and again
- Funny animal characters and bright, colourful art
- Illustrated by Rob Hodgson, a BookTrust Time to Read author-illustrator
- Great rhyme makes this a perfect bedtime read for children aged 3 and up