ISBN: 9781915569431

Publication date: 25 Apr 2024

Author: Millard, Will
Young animal enthusiasts will discover a world of interesting words from the animal kingdom - from arachnid, to biped, to crustacean - in this fully-illustrated book.

This brilliant vocabulary builder brings together 100 fascinating words to describe animals both great and small, each one chosen to delight, surprise and inform natural history fans aged 4+.

Artwork from bestselling illustrator Monika Forsberg brings to life twenty full spread scenes. Each double page spread is set in a different habitat and features five interesting words chosen by a natural history expert, together with a seek-and-find game on every spread. At the bottom of the page, a short explainer gives the meaning of each 'interesting' word.

Through engaging with new words, young zoologists will develop their understanding of the natural world and expand their vocabulary, which studies have recently proven to be the biggest indicator of a child's potential later in life.

- Explore animal lifecycles with words like 'larvae', 'spawn' and 'nymph'
- Understand the classification system with words like 'reptile', 'mammal' and amphibian'
- Discover animal behaviours with words like 'shoal', 'hibernate' and 'migrate'
- Learn what animals get up to with words like 'pollinator', 'bioluminescent' and 'camouflage'
- Simply delight in interesting animal parts with words like 'proboscis', 'tentacle' and 'baleen'!

The back section of the book includes further information on the animal classification system.

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