ISBN: 9781915569301

Publication date: 06 Jun 2024

Author: Dawnay, Gabby
Dive into the world of oceans with this lavish read-aloud non-fiction collection.

Each read-aloud, 5-minute story celebrates life in our oceans, from the deepest sea to the brightest coral reef.

10 read-aloud stories include:
- The Clownfish, the Anemone and the Big Coral Reef
- The Great White Shark's Tooth Machine
- The Song of the Humpback Whale
- The Time-Travelling Immortal Jellyfish
- The Migration of the Magic Eel
- The Shape-Shifting Octopus
- A Penguin Squeeze in the Freeze
- The Salty Tears of the Sea Turtle
- The Darkness of the Deep-Sea Anglerfish

At the end of each story, explore an informative 'all about' page and learn further information on scientific concepts such as life cycles, migration, reproduction, the food chain, and much more.

This gorgeous anthology storybook for children 5+ features:
-Accessible natural history in a 5-minute story format
-Facts to engage the most curious child, with each story ending with a non-fiction information page to explain more about what has been seen in each story
Adorable characters from Instagram star Mona K
A stunning silver foil cover

Written by science writer and poet Gabby Dawnay, this is a gorgeously illustrated gift to inform and delight the youngest ocean lovers.

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