ISBN: 9781915569295

Publication date: 09 May 2024

Author: Lindo, David
This beautifully crafted book is a stunning introduction to the world of birds.

New to this popular series is Fly, a fully-illustrated guide to the incredible diversity of birdlife around the world for young bird enthusiasts.

A stunning collection of more than 150 birds awaits discovery in this beautiful book: meet the lesser flamingo - 'hero of the friendly flock' - and discover other flocking birds, from the chimney swift to the starling, whose murmurations mesmerise birdwatchers from around the world. Next, meet the Adélie penguin - 'hero of the water world' - and discover other birds that are more at home in the sea than the sky, and continue through the avian world as you meet birds with brilliant beaks, fantastic feet, wonderful wings, eye-catching colours and more.

Author David Lindo, the Urban Birder, is the perfect guide to the world of birds, bringing together an aviary of species with super-human abilities, splendid plumage, and surprising behaviours. He also delves into the world of folklore and mythology, showing how cultures from ancient to modern have been inspired by their feathered friends.

The book is packed with interesting facts and extraordinary species - did you know that a swift can spend up to four years on the wing? Or that the white tern lays her egg on a bare branch?

This book is sure to instil a love of birds among young readers aged 7+ and offers:

- A child-friendly introduction to more than 150 different birds from around the world
- A guide on how and where to spot birds
- A taste of bird-inspired mythology and folklore from cultures around the world
- A wealth of information from broadcaster and writer David Lindo - the 'Urban Birder'
- Stunning artwork from bestselling illustrator Sara Boccaccini Meadows