ISBN: 9781915569073

Publication date: 03 Aug 2023

Author: Ruelos Diaz, Joanne

Words matter. You matter! Choose your words wisely.

This pocket-size book features an inclusive collection of 100 words to teach children about the world we live in and how to navigate their way through it. Each page offers a word and age-appropriate definition, along with a related activity, resource or mindful prompt, beautifully illustrated by Instagram star Annelies Draws.

Split into four chapters, including: Feelings Matter: Afraid; Grateful; Proud You Matter: Authentic; Consent; Resilience Differences Matter: Disability; Equity; RaceChangemakers Matter: Ally; Conservation; Feminism Featuring a how-to guide for adults at the back of the book, this inclusive resource is the perfect conversation starter for families and will empower children of all ages.