ISBN: 9781914224133

Publication date: 05 Jan 2023

Author: Barbara Yelin

In the mid-1930s, lrmina, an ambitious young German, moves to London. At a cocktail party, she meets Howard Green, one of the first Black students at Oxford, who, like lrmina, is working towards an independent existence. However, their relationship comes to an abrupt end when lrmina, constrained by the political situation in Hitler's Germany, is forced to return home. As war approaches and her contact with Howard is broken, it becomes clear to lrmina that prosperity will only be possible through the betrayal of her ideals. In the award-winning /RM/NA, Barbara Yelin presents a troubling drama about the tension between integrity and social advancement. Based on a true story, this moving and perceptive graphic novel perfectly conjures the oppressive atmosphere of wartime Germany, reflecting on the complicity that results from the choice, conscious or otherwise, to look away.