ISBN: 9781910593516

Publication date: 25 Sep 2017

Author: Martin Rowson, Steve Bell, Stephen Collins

Pollsters called it a foregone conclusion. Columnists said Theresa May’s snap general election wouldn’t just return her a thumping majority in the House of Commons – it would plunge the opposition into existential crisis. For Labour MPs, concerns about “job security” in an age of zero-hours contracts suddenly felt uncomfortably close to home. And then something happened. Momentum got to work. Grime4Corbyn gathered steam. Clicktivists were transformed into door-knocking, flag-waving activists. Soon, a familiar chant – “Oh, Jeremy Corbyn” – was reverberating around football stadiums and venues across the country. All this while Theresa turned Maybot and the Conservatives released a manifesto that looked bad for people and even worse for animals. Featuring work by many of the UK’s best-known cartoonists, including Martin Rowson, Steve Bell and Stephen Collins, The Corbyn Comic Book captures the qualities, quirks and flaws of a man whose startling rise to prominence has been the defining story of 2017. He didn’t win, but he did cause a political earthquake. Corbynmania is a thing now – and so is Comix4Corbyn.